• Trigon Lande

About Lande

We love workplaces


Lande creates meeting places and working environments for the modern office. In the modern workplace, there is an increasing demand for a different way of working. It means abandoning work as a status symbol and embracing work as an enrichment of your life. A major role in this is played by meetings, sharing knowledge, freedom to create, co-creation and developing talent. Or, in other words, living, working, discovering and enjoying.

We believe in the balance between work and personal life. Furniture and workplace design contribute a great deal to this. Good design not only makes work more fun, but also easier en improves the quality of your work.

Lande has an extraordinary collection of contract furniture. Thanks to our designers, our own production facilities en our own upholstery facility we can personalise our products for every client.

For more information about Lande, please visit www.lande.nl