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Endless possibilities

TRIGON’s pragmatic and modular features are developed by the implementation 60° edges onto rectangular systems thus offering the communicative qualities of a round table. In addition to classical rectangular table layouts and row formations, the most innovative aspects of TRIGON are exemplified with individual table settings that enable the user numerous different layouts in an open space.

Space efficiency

TRIGON offers more working space than traditional rectangular desks, with the same floor space. By using TRIGON hexagonal and triangular desks up to 15% more working space can be created. By adding TRIGON storage solutions on and under the desks even more office space can be saved.

Open places

Most modern offices are characterized by open work places. The TRIGON workplace system offers completely new possibilities for the design of the open places. The workplaces can be arranged flexibly in free geometric shapes, according to temporary team structures.


Me places

Me places are workplaces where one can retreat and focus without distraction of others. TRIGON provides shelters with acoustic inner walls to work in peace. These shelters can also be used as phonebooths.


We places

We places are places of encounter, of exchange and of formal and informal communication. With TRIGON you can create divers configurations for meeting and conferencing.