• Trigon options



Round 35cm

Power and data socket


  • Netbox Axial  2x 230 / 2x data (cat 5)
  • Netbox Turnpoint  1x 230 / 2x data (cat 5)
  • Netbox Turnpoint  2x 230 / 2x data (cat 5)
  • Netbox Energy Tower  2x 230 / 2x data (cat 5)
  • Netbox EB  2x 230 / 2x data (cat 5)
  • Netbox EB 3x 230
  • Cable clips (per 4 pieces)
  • Aluminium cable transit, diameter 80mm

Flower pot

A diamond-shaped  owerpot can be incorporated into the arrangement. This is available in two sizes and is made of steel in a powder coat colour.

Wireless charger

Certain models may come with a built-in charging point which is ordered and charged as a separate product. Features:

  • - available with a black or white cover.
  • can be in-built to be invisible
  • seven coils available (makes it very easy to position)
  • secured against overheating
  • ultra-low energy use on standby
  • works with all certified Qi products 

Cable duct

Rectangles and trapeziums are equipped with cable ducts with brush seals.

In height adjustable

Trigon can be raised or lowered seamlessly using an Allen wrench. The height is adjustable from 71 cm to 85 cm.

Monitor mounting - Computer bracket

There are three different monitor mounting systems available. The iLift monitor arm (available in black, silver and white) , the Viewlite single monitor arm (available in black and silver) and the Viewlite double monitor arm (available in black and silver). See for all details these specifications.